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Workshops: flyers, prep materials, slide shows

Click here to access info and various materials for some workshops that I organize.

Serious computer programming for youth

Programming workshops for kids described at

Flyer for 2021 June 5+6 weekend programming workshop

Web books that I write to accompany the courses I teach

Some of these web books are complete, but most of them are always "in progress", but they have different stages of completion. Some are quite extensive, others are just outlines at this time.

Serious Computer Programming for Youth - Teacher Manual (pdf)
This book is complete, but it is getting old (from early 2015). Today (mid 2021) I follow it in terms of how to explain material, but I have change the order in which I do things. So the book is good, but I now recommend a different order for chapters. I will revise it at some point.
Serious programming small courses (html)
This is the html format for the "small courses" book written by myself and some of the best students to take these workshops. I teach from this very actively: every 2 weeks since 2017. It has dozens of chapters, most ready for teaching.
Serious programming small courses PDF
(pdf format for page-oriented typsetting - this format is not updated too often, please use the HTMl format above)
Serious programming small courses epub
(epub format for portable devices such as tablets and mobile phones; note that at this time equations might be poorly formatted in epub - this format is not updated often, please use the HTML format above)
Math working group
This project is dormant, but I think it is important and plan to return to it. The idea of it is to teach areas of math that involves approximations -- the math you use when you do not have exact solutions. This involves understanding infinite series (Taylor, Fourier, ...), and how well they approximate the actual function. Once the idea of a series truncated at a certain order is understdood, all approximations become interesting.
A tutorial on restructured text and markdown tools
html and pdf.
Release Engineering
A tutorial paper on release engineering, based on autotools and distribution-native packaging.
The case for free and open source software in research and scholarship
Laura Fortunato (University of Oxford) and I give a history-steeped tutorial on free/open-source software, and an in-depth case study of the GNU Scientific Library. This is published by the Royal Society (there is a link to it), but you would need a subscription to their journal to see it.
Sysadmin hacks
My personal bag of tricks for sysadmin work.
Hacker's compendium (html)
A collection of software development explorations that bring together various aspects of programming and the operating system.
Research Skills and Critical Thinking
The book I wrote to accompany the Research Skills Academy.
Modern software engineering and research handout slides
This version of the talk is from teaching the workshop at Reed College in January 2021.