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Making a world

Look at the README file to see how to compile dominion. In most cases, making a few changes to the ``Makefile'' and ``config.h'' and executing a simple ``make new-world'' command should do everything for you.

The LIBDIR directory as specified in the Makefile will be created, and all necessary files will be created in or copied to this directory. You will then be given three choices for world creation:

Now you must enter the Gamemaster password. As with any password, this should be something difficult to guess, preferably with punctuation characters. Anyone with the Gamemaster password can make changes to the world.

If you are playing a large world and are short on disk space, you may select to compress the world file. This typically makes the world file 50players load Dominion.

Next, the main newsgroup (usually called ``News'') is created. Then you are asked to enter names for other desired newsgroups. We usually have one other group, called ``Public'' for players to communicate in. You choose whether each group can be posted to by all players or only the Gamemaster.

Once you have run ``make new-world'', everything should be set up. All files for the game will be located in the directory ``LIBDIR'' as specified in the Makefile. You should make sure that the ownership of the files in LIBDIR is correct, and that the program dominion is setuid to that owner (using the chmod command).

The world is made with one nation already in it. This nation is called Gamemaster, of race Creator and magic order Master. The Gamemaster nation is not really to be played as a nation, since it does not have any sectors, or any other desireable properties. However, it has the [E]dit command which will be described below.

If you want to have all of the news posted to a single place (say a forwarder to a local usenet group) you can put the address you want it forwarded to in the file ``'' in the world directory (LIBDIR).

If you want to modify any of the parameters found in ``costs.h'' at run time, you can do so by putting a file ``world_options'' in the world directory. In the file you put the name of the parameter you wish to modify, followed by a colon, followed by the desired value. More information about those parameters can be found in the costs.h header file.

If you have set the program up to be run over a telnet connection, then you may want to give the players a chance to choose their editor from a list of editors that have been compiled to be secure. You should not use editors which allow the players to load a file or escape to a shell. If you do, they will be able to view and manipulate game files. If you need to restrict the user's acess to editors this way, create a file called safe_editors in the world directory. That file's first line should be the number of available editors to choose from, and then each editor's name as it would be invoked should be listed on a seperate line below that.

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Mark Galassi
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