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News and mail

You will be prompted to set up some newsgroups for the game. There is always a newsgroup called News in which general information is posted about the update, battles, and so on. You should create another newsgroup which can be posted to by all nations. This gives the players a public forum which can induce some great role-playing.

Mail is sent from one player to the other within the game. A player can set a forwarding address with the [O]ptions menu. The mail will be sent to the electronic mail address they specify.

News can also be forwarded: the Gamemaster creates a file called ``'' which contains a list of electronic mail addresses. This file should reside in the main dominion LIBDIR. Any news article will be mailed to everyone in that list when it gets posted.

Mark Galassi
Fri Aug 23 14:28:05 MDT 1996