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Special Gamemaster commands

The Gamemaster can do special things to the game in two ways: by editing the ``exec files'' and by using the Edit Sector and Edit Nation commands.

Editing the ``exec files'' requires some knowledge of how the game works internally, though some people who have not seen the source code have been able to work on this.

The [E]dit command to edit a [s]ector or a [n]ation is menu-driven, so you can experiment with it. It allows you to change their storage of food, metal, jewels, spell points and so on. It also allows you to change the population of a sector, or to add to a nation's magic and technological skill.

You should be careful using these Game Master commands, since some of them have not yet been tested in all possible contexts. You should be most careful about changing the ownership of a sector. For now it has been tested only for changing sector ownership from unowned to being owned by a given nation. Changing ownership from one nation to another has not been tested. In fact, I suspect it will not work.

Mark Galassi
Fri Aug 23 14:28:05 MDT 1996