Clear Writing ⇔ Clear Thinking (2020-06)


2020-06-17, 2020-06-18


Sandra Blakeslee


Jeremy N. Smith


Ed Fenimore

[Click for flyer which has schedule and info]

[flyer also available as html]


The TL;DR on how to connect is that we will use Jitsi for our videoconference. No accounts or registration needed, just go to:

[flyer also as html]

We start at 2pm on Wednesday 2020-06-17 and will run for some 2.5 or 3 hours.

Second session is at 2pm on Thursday 2020-06-18. Someone will be in starting at 1:30pm or so you can test if the videocon is working for you.

Email to to sign up. Call +1-505-629-0759 with questions or to test if the videocon works for you. Remember that Murphy's Law loves videocons, although our approach does not require accounts or anything.


[details might be udpated here as our date approaches - last update 2020-06-18T01:07:36-06:00]


We will use Jitsi for our videoconference. You can use it with your browser (no need to install any specific software), or on mobile devices with Android or iOS. Jitsi is free/open-source software and there should be no leak of your information. You also don't need an account on any system: just go to the URL.

We will also have an etherpad scratchpad for people to write things interactively, and probably a NextCloud instance as well.

Use a reasonable browser (firefox or chromium/chrome) and go to this URL:

Or get the Jitsi mobile app at

and hook up to the chat room "santafe-writing-pd"

If you cannot do video but you can listen in then you can use this dial-in info:

Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431

PIN: 1933 7800 83#

But Murphy's Law might strike, so we will also have a backup with google meets at:

(this URL might have to change at the last minute - I don't know how long google keeps these for personal meets)

We might even have a further backup option.


We will also have an etherpad for people to write things. Have a browser window open at this URL:

and if Jeremy Smith asks us to do some sample writing, we can all do it in our areas of that etherpad.